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* Pray that we would have God's wisdom in all we do. Pray that we would continue to always put the needs of the family before the needs of the ministry. That we would always be able to discern when we get our priorities out of order. God first, Family second, Health third and Ministry fourth.

* Pray that we would walk in divine health, that we would be free from sickness.

* Pray for our family. Our daughter Kirsten lives and works in Spokane, WA

* Pray for the students who will be attending RBTC  Poland. Pray nothing will keep them from attending.


* Please pray for our continued financial blessing. That the Lord would continue to raise up partners to help us with special offerings and monthly partners so that we can focus on the ministry in Poland & Europe.


* For divine protection as we travel on an almost weekly basis whether in the USA or in Europe. For safety from the traps of the enemy.


* For a divine outpouring of God's Spirit over the Nations of Europe. 


It is our privilege to join with you in prayer and we look forward to lifting up your request to our wonderful and mighty God.

Thanks! Message sent.

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