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We are serving in the Nation of Poland, a country of 38 million people with an Evangelical population of less than 1%. Poland is considered a Christian nation by many, but the reality is that many of its citizens are void of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Speer Ministries is partnering with RHEMA Europe in the opening and oversight of RBTC Polska. RBTC Polska serves to train nationals in a solid foundation of the basic Christian doctrine. Giving each student a good understanding of "what he believes" and "why he believes it."

Students receive more practical information to help equip them for basic areas of ministry such as children's, youth, pastoral work, teaching, and supportive ministry, with a strong emphasis on leadership training.

Speer Ministries is also working along with Dynamic Church Planting International to help equip leaders all over Poland & Eastern Europe to plant Dynamic churches that will help to reach their nations for Christ!

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